Pack Leader Plus

Brooke Zeigler, owner of Pack Leader Plus

Brooke Zeigler, President of Pack Leader, Plus™… a St. Louis based home pet care service, got her inspiration to start her company after the the tragic accidental death of her father during a deer hunting accident in 2009.

 She is a highly knowledgeable animal lover who started studying how to modify dog behaviors through the power of their own natural instincts and psychology. Using consistency and the simple rules of Exercise, Discipline and Love, all pets are mentally balanced and happier.

Since I started the company, I noticed that all dogs “pay it forward” to another dog who may have poor behavior or manners.  They will mirror each other and learn at a rapid pace to blend with the Pack better.  We specialize in small group activity to improve every dogs behavior, so by the time the dog goes home the owner sees a better “family member.”

 Pack Leader, Plus™… provides exceptional customer service to the pet, the client and their property.  We are the developer of the Pack Leader, Plus™… Surveillance Fuzzy Cam®, where customers can have the extra-added security and peace of mind of being able to simply login to their own secured account and see recorded surveillance video of their pet being taken care of by a Pack Leader, Plus™… team member.

Tom Zeigler is the Groomer for K9 Cabin Cuts, Pack Leader Plus’s™ sister grooming company. Tom delivers top notch service to pamper your pup and giving the best grooming service around. Brooke and Tom have been married since 2012. They dated 20 years ago and lost touch, but as fate would have it, they ran into each other again, fell in love and got married. They are growing together through God’s mercy and grace. 







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