Some of us who travel during the holiday season may be lucky enough to bring our canine companions along for the ride, but for others, it just isn’t possible and we know how important your dog is to you. We also understand how you want the best for them as well, that is why Pack Leader, Plus™ offers Cage Free Boarding for your family pet. Why Cage Free Boarding?

• Cage-free boarding decreases your dog’s physiological distress.
• Your pet will have all of the comforts of home – furniture,  treats and walks.
• Your dog is able to roam around freely like they are meant to!
• It’s more of a home-away-from-home environment where your dog will receive plenty of love and care.
• It is cageless, so they will have companionship 24/7.

We offer 2 price structures depending on the weight of your dog:

Cage Free Boarding

***Please note there is a $5 minimum fee each way for the Pack Taxi

Your Checklist for Your Pet To Stay…

1. You must provide all food for your pet to eat, during the ENTIRE stay. If Pack Leader, Plus™… runs out of the food, and must buy more, you will
be charged the food price, plus an additional $25 fee for time lost.
2. If your pet requires medicine in pill form, you must provide the correct amount to be distributed. No shots will be administered.
3. Please provide a Crate or Bed or Blanket (for them to sleep in), Collar and Leash. Please no flexi-leashes, if you have regular.
4. If your pet needs brushing, please provide the instrument to us.
5. Any smells of home you would like to provide in the bedding is fine, like a t-shirt or blanket.

All borders must have a copy of their personal shot records. Current vaccinations must be: 1. Rabies 2. Bordatella (kennel cough), and 3. Immunization shots ie: DHLP.

Pack Leader, Plus will provide:

1. Personal Fuzzy Cam® daily sent to your email account with a report of the day.
2. Exercise, Feeding/Discipline and Love
3. Our Personal Homes with a Healthy Environment, and lots of friends to play with and build better social skills from.

Please read and fill out the forms below for Boarding

• Waiver and Release of Liability Boarding Agreement
• Pet Boarding Questionnaire
• Pet Medicine Administration Form
• Senior or Illness Form
• Pet Transportation Agreement
• Vet Notification
• Client Emergency Contact
• Owner’s Travel Form


Cancellation Policy
We require a 72 hour cancellation minimum, for regular boarding times of the year.  For HOLIDAY weeks, i.e.: valentines, memorial weekend, labor day weekend, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve/Day, a 7 day minimum is required. If the client cancels out of this time frame, they will be charged $10 for each day they reserved that is cancelled.  Such as: Reserved 5 days x $10 a day cancellation fee= $50 due within 3 business days.




Lets Get Started!

Interested in being part of the pack! If so, please contact us to set up an initial interview for evaluation.


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