Pack Leader, Plus™ offers Doggie Daycare for your Furry Family.  Your dog will love to visit and start exploring our home. We offer an exciting day filled with catch, plenty of toys, lots of cuddle time, a large backyard to run to their heart’s content.

Our focus is to provide manners, fun, and exercise, while staying true to our core belief of creating balance for your dog by offering exercise and love.

No need to feel guilty about working late and not being able to take the dog for a walk. Your dog will socialize while you are at work, and when you pick him up he will be mentally and physically exhausted. We have all heard the phrase that a tired dog is a good dog. Let us show you just how true that is! After a day of daycare your pup will be too tired to dig up the backyard or chew up your favorite shoes.

You will love the results!

• Pack Taxi Service – To site and back home
• Pack Walks around neighborhood/parks
• Personal Fuzzy Cam® of the Day
• Snacks
• Constant observation to improve pets socialization

Rates – With Pack Taxi
1 dog for daycare with Pack Taxi= $30
2 dogs for daycare with Pack Taxi= $50
3 dogs for daycare with Pack Taxi= $60
Additional $10 for each dog after 3

Rates – Without Pack Taxi
1 dog for daycare without Taxi= $20
2 dogs for daycare without Taxi= $30
Additional $10 for each dog after 2


All borders must have a copy of their personal shot records. Current vaccinations must be: 1. Rabies 2. Bordatella (kennel cough), and 3. Immunization shots ie: DHLP.

Please fill out the forms below for Doggie Daycare

• Doggie Daycare Consent Form
• Pet Medicine Administration Form
• Senior or Illness Form
• Pet Transportation Agreement
• Vet Notification
• Client Emergency Contact


Contact us to set up initial interview!

Interested in being part of the pack! If so, please contact us to set up an initial interview for evaluation.