Our grooming services ensure that your dog receives personalized grooming. Our skilled groomer can help keep your pet clipped and sheared to breed standards and/or backyard play. We work closely with you to tailor the breed standards for the unique needs of your family and activities. At K9 Cabin Cuts we offer a variety of services. All services are conducted in a gentle, compassionate manner. Caring for your pet is in our nature! All breeds and sizes.

Bath and Nails
Dog over 40 lbs  $25
Dog Under 40lbs  $20

Bath, Nails and Trim
Dog over 40 lbs $35
Dog under 40 lbs  $30
Prices may vary depending on weight and the severity or thickness of the coat. Contact us for an estimate.
Please fill out the form below for grooming:
• Grooming Release
• Pet Transportation Agreement
All borders must have a copy of their personal shot records. Current vaccinations must be: 1. Rabies 2. Bordatella (kennel cough), and 3. Immunization shots ie: DHLP.

Let's Get Dapper!

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